My Sweet Family

My Sweet Family

Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas-SO much fun!

This Christmas was so much fun! The kids were finally big enough to open all their gifts on their own without my help. They had a blast. Of course they got way too much and now our house looks even more cluttered than before, but oh well.... Gavin asked for a drum set, guitar, and microphone so he could be a rock star---not so sure about his rock star/cowboy combo these days, but it's cute! Of course he got all the things he asked for. Laney didn't ask for much besides baby dolls and the things Gavin said of course.. She got several dolls, cooking utensils, etc... and an adorable little vanity. She loves it and is so funny putting on her makeup "like mommy" she says. It was hectic but well worth every minute of the chaos! Jason and I enjoyed doing the "Santa thing" this year. We put a little bit of cotton ball on the bricks by the fireplace and Gavin discovered it on Christmas morning.. He was so excited to find some of "Santa's beard" that must have gotten snagged.. Ha! It was priceless to see his face! We had to put some tape on it and let him wear it for a while. He was tickled to wear part of Santa's real beard. I can't wait until next Christmas to come up with another little "trick" like this one. If you haven't tried one you should! It was so much fun for us to watch them find it. Anyway--here are a few pics from Christmas--Hope you enjoy them!

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