My Sweet Family

My Sweet Family

Friday, January 30, 2009

Adorable Picture

Just had to post this picture! Gavin is such a loving child.. he hugs and kisses on everyone, but Papaw oh Papaw is his absolute most favorite person in the whole wide world! Gavin thinks that Papaw is wonderful because:
  • Papaw can do magic tricks--"hocus pocus" the t.v. so he can watch Walker Texas Ranger--and other great tricks.
  • Papaw teaches him such wondeful songs: "The farmer in the dell, The farmer in the dell, the farmer had a mean wife with a rusty old tail" and "Ain't gonna bump no more with no big fat woman"... some great ones huh!
  • Papaw lets him do absolutely anything he wants... and wear whatever he wants! Boots and jogging pants... or stripe shirt with camo pants,etc... its so funny what they actually think matches.. :)
  • Papaw lets him "kick back" in the recliner and watch t.v. for hours and hours when mommy says "enough t.v. go play".... oh and lets him watch anything.. Walker Texas Ranger, CSI, Law and Order, Big Mama's House, and lots of others that I'm not so sure he really needs to be watching....
  • Papaw teaches him lots of educational thinks like what "dope" looks like, that bad people drink beer, don't smoke, and smooching on girls is a good thing! :) How wonderful right?!
  • Papaw takes him hunting, riding, to McDonalds, for ice cream, wherever he wants to go....

I'm so glad that Gavin has this wonderful relationship with his Papaw! I hope he stays this close to him for a long, long time!

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