My Sweet Family

My Sweet Family

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

I do have Christmas cards printed and in envelopes... just not all addressed and in mail quite yet! I'm always last minute getting everything done... just a flaw of mine I guess.

Anyway--I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year! I am sooo excited.. Today is the last day of work for me for about 2 weeks or so. I can't wait to spend some time with my kids and husband. It always seems that this time of the year is so hectic and busy... party here, party there, gift for kids teachers, gift for this, gift for that.. I really enjoy it all, but it can get exhausting. Once again, I waited to the last minute to finish the kids gifts for their teachers and was up until 1 this morning completing those. They turned out cute although I'm pooped today.

As I was working on some other gifts Wednesday night, right in the middle of one of Gavin's serious "Tom and Jerry" marathons that he enjoys, he walks over to me and and we had this conversation:

Gavin -- "Mommy, you know that Christmas isn't all about the presents huh?"


Gavin --"It is really ALL about Jesus' birthday!"

How sweet! Melted my heart to know that my baby is the one that reminded me of the real meaning of this season! I am so glad that we had that little "moment" together.. He made sure I understood and walked back to his little chair to watch t.v. It was so sweet and innocent of him... but took that to really make me stop and think about how caught up in things I had gotten and how I really needed to slow down and think about the meaning of Christmas!

Please take the time to do that! STOP and think about the birth of our Savior and what this season really means!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Pictures

How sweet of Laney, although Gavin doesn't seem to know if he thinks its sweet!

They are too funny and keep me laughing!

My sweet little angels! They almost look like they could be twins...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Growing Up Fast!

Can't figure out how to turn this around!
Please help if you know how to do that... :)

Isn't it weird how when you are a kid time seems to take forever to pass by, but when you become a grown-up you never seem to have enough time. Time is flying and it makes me teary eyed to see how fast my two are growing up. They are such sweethearts and bring joy to my heart daily. I am so happy to be their mommy! Gavin is almost 4 yrs. old now (DOB-Jan. 7th). He thinks he is grown. He is definitely a COWBOY! I use to fight with him to wear jogging pants, shorts, khaki pants, etc... but now I just pull out the jeans (preferably Wranglers) daily! I don't even try anymore. Also we have no other shoes besides cowboy boots. He is obsessed with the whole cowboy attire, wants to wear the hat, Sheriff's badge, gun belt, pistols, etc... everywhere.
Laney is our little princess! She is so sassy and bossy... always trying to tell us all what to do and thinks she can do everything now. She was 2 on Aug. 25th. She loves to play dress up and to help mommy cook and clean up. Just this week she has started to have an obsession with her cowgirl boots...wants to wear them with everything. Most days she wins and wears a cute little outfit and pink/tan boots. CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES I say! Here are some pictures of them back in March. This is all I have handy at the moment. I'll post some new ones ASAP!


Well... here I go.... blogging! I enjoy looking at everyone's blog and hear so often "Do you have a blog?" .. so I decided to create one of my own, finally. Not sure how I'll do at this so if you have any "blogging tips" for me please send them. I can use them for SURE! Gonna play around with it and try to figure it all out. Will have to add some pictures later when I'm at home and have some time to upload some new ones.