My Sweet Family

My Sweet Family

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fishing Adventure

Oh Boy! What a fishing adventure it truly was! One of Jason and Josh's friends, Wayne Bass, invited us to bring the kids fishing Tuesday afternoon at his pond. Of course I was thrilled because I absolutely love to fish and have been begging Jason to take me for weeks now. The kids were more excited about actually getting to see each other since they haven't been able to due to Gavin and Laney having pink eye and Josh and Jax having the flu... Glad that is all over! It was so sweet to see them all just light up with excitement when we got there and they hugged and jumped and squealed! So funny! Below is a picture of the three monkeys smiling for the camera! Gavin is 4, Jax is 3, and Laney is 2.. Hopefully it won't be long and baby Joy will be along for the fun too!
The two pics below are so funny to me.. When we arrived, once the excitement of seeing each other for the first time in a while wore off, Jax was still extremely excited to tell Gavin, Laney, and me all about the "trickets" we had to use to fish with.. I love it when he gets all fired up and excited to tell something.. He's so funny!

Well the fishing trip was rather unsuccesful... as Laney told Papaw Johnny, "Me and mommy only caught 3 trees." Ha! and that is the sad truth! :( I think that Jason and Gavin caught 2 and Josh and Jax caught a few, but Laney and I had horrible luck.. maybe due to the fact that she only has one tone of voice and that is extremely loud or could have been all the rocks and branches that got thrown in around us... not quite sure what the problem was! :)
Anyway they had a blast being together and it was absolutely hilarious to watch Jason and Josh fish with the kids mini poles since the kids were running around and not worried about fishing... should have made a picture of them.. Jason even had Laney's pink princess pole at one point - too funny! Anyway, was a great time outside together and I look forward to many more of these. Maybe we could plan a zoo trip Neisha and even baby Joy could go along on that one!

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  1. ha, thanks for the shout out!

    yeah, i'm loving the zoo idea.
    as a matter of fact, I love any idea that has something to do with the word "go" !!